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A takedown is a champion kill, assist or a turret kill that a champion attains in League of Legends. Takedowns grant the champion gold, and are recorded on the summoner's statistics, found on the summoner profile. Takedowns and the medals they award (shown below) on a Summoner's profile can be used to roughly judge a summoner's skill or experience level.

However, takedowns cannot be used to accurately determine a player's skill or experience. This is because:

  • Support champions may earn assists that count towards their takedowns, but they may not get as many as a carry or other player on a team.
  • Junglers may earn fewer kills and/or assists early-game, as they spend more time in the jungle than the other roles. While they may earn kills and assists through ganks, the time they spend in the jungle can reduce the number of kills and assists they earn.
  • Turret kills are hard to judge. For example, if a whole team is pushing a base only one player can get the takedown for the turret even though everyone helped. Because of this, teammates often playfully compete for the final hit on a turret.

Profile Medals Bearbeiten

  • There are 6 different medals depending on how many takedowns a summoner has scored:
    • None (< 100)
    • Bronze (> 100)
    • Silver (> 500)
    • Gold (> 2,500)
    • Platinum (> 5,000)
    • Diamond (> 10,000)
Original Medals
Current Medals