Ein Ranglistenspiel ist ein Draft Pick game type available to level 30 summoners with at least 16 champions available (NOT including free week champions). Summoners are placed on a game ladder and ranked against one another according to a hidden Matchmaking Rating (MMR).

Players are divided into Challenger, Master, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers, with Diamond to Bronze tiers further subdivided into 5 divisions. Once gained, a tier can be lost only by four weeks of inactivity in the particular ranked mode (this applies only to Platinum and higher tiers, not Gold or below). Also, a tier can be lost if your hidden MMR drops a full tier (from Diamond 5 to Platinum 5, for example). Furthermore, inactivity may result in a change of league placement upon re-activation.

Players who have not played their first 10 "placement" games will not be able to see their rating in their profile until the 10 are played, at which point they will be placed in a particular League, and corresponding Tier and Division. Ranked games are considered the competitive alternative to normal games.

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The dynamic queue was added to Ranked in January 2016 and it fully removed the old Solo/Duo queue system. Dynamic queue gives the opportunity to play with not only a single premade, but makes it possible to queue with as many premades as possible until platinum tier. Furthermore, you can only queue with friends when they are your tier or one tier above/below you, those regulations become more strict in diamond and above. Dynamic queue received much criticism by the community, claiming that the competitive aspect of Ranked is taking a backseat. In followup to this, Riot released some changes that balanced for example the Winrate of team5's vs team4's+1, but also claimed that the playrates of ranked have reached an all-time high. In July 2016 they released an icon that shows wether your primarily either a solo, group(2-4) or team(5) ranked player, this however has no effect on placement and gameplay.

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Since January 2016 the champion select is based on the updated Draft Pick. If you launch it, you will get in a lobby, where you will be able to pick a primary and secondary position (Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot/ADC, Support).

  • Banning Phase: At the start of champion selection, the last 3 picks of each team have the opportunity to ban a total of 6 champions. The bans alternate between the teams, blue team starting. During the banning phase, each team can see their opponent's available champions in order to ban viable options.
  • Champion Selection: Players are given a position, based on the 2 positions that they chose in the lobby. The team that receives first ban gets the first pick. After the initial pick, teams alternate and pick two at a time until each champion has been selected. No champion can be selected more than once in a game.
  • Trade: When all the members of a team have locked in, there is an opportunity to make a trade within your team. Both members of the team must own both champions involved. One player can initate the trade, and when the other confirms it their champions are swapped. It is possible to execute multiple trades before the game begins. Therefore, trades are often implemented in order to secure high tier champions early on to be swapped with the intended player instead of risking the other team taking them.
  • Leaves: Queue dodging is punished by 6 minutes of wait for the first offense and 30 minutes to 1 hour for subsequent offenses.  Leaves are punished by a loss of elo for the player regardless of the match's outcome if the player is AFK for at least 5 minutes before the game ends.

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Teamranked is a Ranked queue where you can play as a premade team of 3 (Twisted Treeline) or 5 (Summoner's Rift). It is only available in certain periods of time troughout the day, depending on the server your playing on. Matches played in Teamranked don't interfere with your personal Dynamic Queue MMR/LP, they only count toward your team's LP.

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